OK. It’s been 4 days since we updated the blog and it is time to fill in the gaps.  This is a picture from our trip to the Kroller- Muller Museum today.

On Saturday after a late breakfast, we went with Geertje to the Appenheul – a beautiful park in Appeldoorn that is home for a wide variety of monkey species.  I used my wheelchair for the few hours that I was there and walked a few times for short distances.  On Palm Sunday, Susan took the girls to a Catholic mass at a local Cathedral – something they had not experience prior to this.  I stayed home and saved my energy so that I could join everyone for dinner at the Pannekoeken (Dutch pancake) house with Alice’s daughter, Martine, who came from Amsterdam to connect with us.  Over the weekend, I began to feel the positive effects of the change in the stimulator program.  The coverage in my feet was much better.  I also continued to drop my medication levels.  I realize that I have a  lot of work to do to get my muscles on my back and legs into shape again.

During my times alone on the weekend, I realized that I need to work on my not allowing my expectations to set me up for disappointment.  During my 18 months in bed prior to coming here, I learned that I needed to let each day unfold as my body allowed.  This principle still applies to my life as it is now.  It will take time to find my equilibrium and I need to be patient.  It is too soon to try to envision or imagine what my future holds. I just need to take a moment at a time and appreciate that things i am able to do again because of lower pain levels.  It seems so basic, but it is so difficult to do.  With this renewed understanding, it has been a little easier to enjoy the last two days. 

On Monday we were blessed to spend the afternoon with Om Jaap (Susan’s Dad’s brother) and Tante Willemien.  We hosted them for lunch and caught up on their active lives and that of their children and grandchildren.  As extremely vibrant people in their 80’s, they are inspiring.  Tuesday (today) brought more of the same “warmth” as Tante Yvonne (also in her 80’s) came to visit.  After partaking, once again, in the essential Dutch treats (taartjes and Coffee) we spent a wonderful afternoon at the Kroller-Muller museum – about 20 km from where we live.  We enjoyed the very fine art – including an extensive Van Gogh collection which we agreed was our favorite. To top the day off, Tante Yvonne joined us at our dinner table this evening and regaled us with countless stories of her childhood which she shared with Susan’s Dad who was only 11 months older than her.  If only we could be as energetic and positive as she, Om Jaap and Tante Willemien when we are in our 80’s, we will be extremely blessed. 


Once again thanks for sharing the mix of feelings and experiences. Sure wish we were there, but it would be too much of a party, I think!
I hope you gave all the aunts and uncles big hugs from us and do try to write down the stories! : ) Love and prayers continue on the journey!


So good to hear from you again, quite missed your Blog the last few days. Am so glad you can partake of the wonders and ancestors of Holland as a family. With all your Om's and Tante's at that age it is a rare privilege to hear and be a part of their stories. Cant wait to see you all next week.Love to all JIM

Eric Nord

This is a profound lesson for all of us:
"It is too soon to try to envision or imagine what my future holds. I just need to take a moment at a time..."
I've been bumping up against this too, albeit in different circumstances.


Hi Mr and Mrs. Reynar,
Thinking of you. Hang in there!!


marika van den Berg Salomons

So glad to hear you`re all doing well, very interesting to read your blog, unimaginable what you have been going through. Hope we can all be like my parents when we`re in our 80`s. Keep going and love for all of you!



Anne Boehlig

Thank you once again for sharing your experiences, Rod, both you and Susan are really good writers, making us feel as though we are with you! Which we are, actually...well, in our thoughts anyway! We are looking forward to seeing you soon and will pray for patience as you find your equilibrium.


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