Before we left Rod said, "This will only be the third time in 18 months that i have been out of the house, except for doctors' visits."  I hate to say it, but this trip to Holland is actually a "doctor's visit"....but we are so grateful to be in such a beautiful part of Holland -- the Veluwe (forest and heather fields).  Thank you, Abe Janzen, for showing up at the airport to bless us on the journey.  .

All things considered, the trip went smoothly.  John Gold, our travel agent, had arrived at the airport early to make sure everything was in place.  Rod used his electric wheelchair right to the gate and it was taken down, crated and put in the hold of the plane.  It was so good that I was able to sit beside Rod in business class -- to help him turn/get comfortable, eat, meds, and stay hydrated as well as "de-hydrate" ...  The seats could stretch into a fairly flat reclining position so Rod could be on his side with his leg pillow in place.  Rod was really rateful for the wool body pad that our friends, the Kroeker's, made and sent to Rod. They own Shepherds Dream  (click to read abou this cool bedding)

We arrived at 8:30  am on Sunday and were met by my Tante Tobia and her friend Corinne. They drove us back to Apeldoorn in an accessible mini bus. when Rod finally lay down on his bed, he was so exhausted and grateful to  be laying down again.  His body is not used to moving around this much.  Tante Tobia bought us groceries, had fresh tulips on the table, a bottle of red wine,...and the couple who owned the cottage had just set up wireless internet so that we could access it.  SO COOL
3/11/2012 07:50:41 am

Wow what a welcome.Your hopes are being answered step by step as usual. Rest well for the next big step on the 15th, our prayers are with you through that step as well. His hand will be with your Doctors hand that day as well. Jim

3/11/2012 08:01:03 am

Hi there, glad to hear that the trip went as well as it could all things considered. The little kids and everybody else here in the Macau Mennonite Church were praying for you as you were on the trip and will be glad to hear about it and the kindnesses of those along the way. One little 7 year-old boy, wrote a short note: "Dear Rod, Please talk to Jesus and be well. I'm praying for you." Another 4-year old, asked me to spell out the letters so he could write: "Help me God" While there is much we don't understand and can't do, we are grateful that even from so far away, we can stand with you in prayer. Enjoy the "Dutch shire" and your "Hobbit Home"! Lots of love, Tobia

Bob and Darlene
3/12/2012 12:47:24 am

How grateful we are that you have arrived and are now able to rest. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We love you both.Please give our greetings to Tante Tobia. She is your angel!

Jeff and Ann-Marie
3/12/2012 12:22:16 pm

What can we say that has not been said or felt? We love you both and your girls and family so very much! We are praying!!! And Rod, Jeff wants to know if the food is any better in Business class? Sigh!!!!

3/12/2012 02:13:27 pm

I'm glad the trip there went somewhat smoothly.
Lots of love to you all. We will come down and see you when everyones back home and settled in but in the mean time will be waiting patiently to hear your updates.


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