For a few weeks before we left on this trip, we did not blog. Rod was in a dark valley for some of the time and Susan was trying to keep everything on track leading up to the our departure.  Joya and Anika felt the stress in addition to their own busy lives.  We want to thank you for the ways that you supported us through this stretch of the journey.
= a pizza meal sent from Ohio via Boston Pizza
= driving Joya to her violin  lesson when Susan was out of town
= a Bengali meal sent in vacuum  packs from Minesota along with a Book of Psalms in Calligraphy
= a wool  mattress topper sent from Manitoba for Rod which provided a very comfortable cushioning layer for  his hips
= a Lasagna meal hand delivered from Medicine Hat (4 hours away) by  an MCCA board member who didn't know Rod but wanted to stop in to meet him 
= 4  year old Zander stopping in for a visit to say goodbye to Rod and find out more  about his pain
= those who were able to join us for a meal, a  coffee, or just a visit
= For those who called or e-mailed to come by for a visit when Rod had the "no visitors" sign hung, your effort was noticed and meant a lot!!
= the many e-mails and hand written notes and telephone calls just to let us know that you were thinking about us and praying for us.
= The individual checks for Anika and for Joya to let them know that you noticed their resiliency and wanted them to have some spending money for their trip.
= For lending a listening ear and a few moments to cry together.
= For those who have and are PRAYING -- for patience for the process and trust in the people involved, for the travel and all the details involved, for Anika and Joya...
= For the preschoolers in Macau Mennonite Church who expressed their prayers for Rod to Tobia.
= for those who have offered to keep on eye on things while we are gone -- meals for the girls, housesitting, taking care of the dogs, shovelling the walks, being "on call" for anything that needs fixing in the house,
= For Rose, Rod's caregiver, who got us through the week before we left by keeping things going around the house.
= For Rod's mom, Phyllis, who is with Anika and Joya until march 25 when they fly here, thanks to a generous gift from a friend.
= For the people who insisted that I be beside Rod on the plane (business class) was so important to be with him
= and for all the ways of caring that we have inevitably forgotten....Thank you so much!
When we stop to think of it, we feel overwhelmed ....and it continues Olds....around the world.
Thank you...

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