Today was one of those days when we felt like we were in a dream that was too good to be true.  We woke up to brilliant sunshine coming through the window -- a clear, crisp, sunny day in Netherlands (apparently this does not happen often here).  But more surprising was the fact that Rod's pain levels were lower than he has experienced since at least 1996.  It was such a pleasure to sit at the breakfast table together, drink coffee and talk -- a gift that would not have been possible a week ago. After breakfast we took a short walk to the back of the house.  Rod embarked on his scooter and we continued down the lane to Susan's aunt's home.  Tante Tobia and Alice were just sitting down to coffee and we surprised them with our presence at the patio door.  We stayed for 3 hours -- enjoying the conversation...before it was time to head home for a rest. Rod slept soundly (also a gift) for the afternoon and got up at 4:00 pm to SKYPE with the MCCA office staff who were gathering for the Monday morning prayer time.  The end of our day was as delightful as the beginning as we enjoyed sitting at the table, eating and talking.  (Rod likes dishing up his own food, and being able to drink from a glass in an upright position).  

As we write this, Rod has been on Program 2 since  4:00 pm....unfortunately it does not seem as promising at this point as his pain levels have risen significantly..."or is that because I did so much today?" he wonders.  These are the inevitable quandaries that we will undoubtedly continue to face over the next few weeks as we work towards establishing stability with the system and begin to discover what our new lives will look like.  

By the way, thanks for e-mails, comments and form entries -- it is an huge encouragement to hear from you.
Judy and Mark Nord
3/19/2012 11:50:49

I'm sure this waiting/experimenting time keeps you on the edge of your seats emotionally - so much is at stake!! Know that you continue to be held up to the Light by the host of your brothers and sisters who walk with you (as much as we can) and trust with you that healing mercy, hope and peace are indeed in store for you!!

Jeff and Ann-Marie
3/19/2012 15:02:53

Glad this was a better day...much prayer being lifted up for ya'll...and yes, the discovery of that fine balance between too much actifvity and not enough...etc....You will find it!!! So thankful for the small but huge blessings along the journey!!! Celebrating each one with you!

Richard & Carolyn Mewhort
3/19/2012 16:32:02

We continue to pray for you and know that the Lord will bless you.
Hang in there!


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