Rod had to wake up at 5:45 this morning to take a shower with Hibiclense (an anti bacterial cleaner prescribed by the doctor) to ensure that he had no bacteria on his skin. (The hospitals here have 0 tolerance for infection -- so Rod has had anti-bacterial  cream --applied in the nose--for 2 days now, and has passed the MRSA testing).  Alice (my aunt's friend, picked us up at 6:15.The drive to the hospital in Apeldoorn was beautiful.  It is going  to be a sunny day. The fog was in wisps through the forest and there was dew on the ground.  The leaves are not out on the trees yet and the buds are barely showing....but it will come!

We got to the Gelre Hospital and went up to the 7th floor where Rod was admitted to the ward.  Anja, the nurse, asked him several more questions and filled in his chart and took my cell phone number (I bought a phone for 20 Euros for the month).  Rod had to take off his ear ring but could not get the ring off his finger, so I think they will have to cut it. He got into the blue hospital gown and then was very grateful to lay down on the bed. His pain levels were way up there.   About 7:45 the porter came in to take him to the surgical room. 

The doctor has allocated 4 hours in the surgical room for Rod, but it may not take that long. Alice drove me home and I have been sitting at our little table praying, having my devotions, drinking tea and looking out the window and listened to Kim Thiessen's song "We Come" and  the Toby Mac song "Get Back UP"  that Joya has adopted as a theme song for Rod...and is also an encouragement to all of us who have suffered with him over the months.  Joya's words to Rod this morning were: "It's your turn to shine again."  Anika noted on her facebook page "iIf you have an extra moment in your day send up prayer for him! It's crazy that in seconds the reality we have lived for a year and a half has the potential to be completely changed... :)

I will be heading over to Tante Tobia's home for coffee at 10:30 and waiting there for them to call me back to the hospital. I will drive there with on my own and stay as long as they let I may not be able to provide another update for a while.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your prayers -- an amazing avenue of support!!

Tracy Brown Ewert
3/14/2012 10:15:58 pm

You and Rod were my first thoughts this morning and will remain in the forefront for the rest of the day. Love, prayers and hugs sent to you.

Linda Wiebe Dickinson
3/15/2012 03:54:38 am

Loving you and your family and praying for you from here at the office.

3/15/2012 06:04:18 am

Hi Susan. Thank you so much for the updates. Praying for you all with much hope and love.

Anne Boehlig
3/15/2012 06:31:41 am

All of us at MCC are praying a lot for the Reynar family! We are asking God for the outcome of Rod's surgery to be lifechanging and lead to his being pain free. Lord, hear our prayers. Reynars, we love you.


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