Starting at 4 pm yesterday evening when the stimulator was turned on, there was a sense that the three professionals who stood in front us were "signing off" ---the "rescue" was complete and Rod was invited to go home as a "free man".  An overwhelming sense of gratitude flooded through us towards the doctor and the Nevro technician who were saying "goodbye" with the promise of seeing us next week.  And yet there was a sense of vulnerability --emotionally and physically towards the new reality that Rod was told would "wash in" slowly over the next 3 days. 

Rod says:

I have asked myself many times...."how do I know if the system is working if I can't feel it?"  However, over the last 24 hours, I have begun to trust in the changes that I am feeling gradually in my body.  Last night, for example, I only woke twice to turn over -- a quality of sleep I have not experienced in years.  I also found that when I stood up and walked around, I realized that the pain was diminishing in all of the areas that have been so excruciating for last months and for years before.  To top it off, this evening I sat at the dinner table with Susan, Tante Tobia and Alice.  It was truly a celebration because it was the first time that I sat at the dinner table and engaged in conversation in more than a year and a half.  And yet I feel a sense of hesitancy. I don't want to let my mind run off into all the possibilities before I know what is going to be a sustained reality.
3/17/2012 14:54:38

Life is about living the moments, some good, some not so good. I would pray that yours just get better day by day, This sounds so promising. God Bless you both. Will run the scooter up to the older lady in Red Deer, this next week for her approval.

Jim Hagen
3/17/2012 16:44:09

Rod and Susan,

I am so thrilled your travels and time so far have been positve. From your last post it appears you are at that point which can be thrilling and frightening at the same time. Feeling no paresthesia, but noticing you are doing things that would have been next to impossible last month.
You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. There will still be challenges, maybe a day with increased pain, but I don't believe you've ever been closer to that light at the end of the tunnel.
Love from Denver! Jim H

Russ Bubenko
3/17/2012 20:33:16

Truly an answer to prayer. Know that the family is thinking of you. Sent messages to Dana, Rick, and Uncle Jerry this evening to let them know. Hope to visit when you guys get home!

Eric Nord
3/18/2012 03:10:00

Still praying for you, and rejoicing with this news. May you go from strength to strength, may you "Walk and not faint". Itunes is on shuffle, and Kim Thiessen's "We Come" just came on.

Brian Hildebrandt
3/18/2012 07:43:54

Rod and Susan. We are so happy for you that the surgery seems to have gone well! You continue to be in our prayers. It's awesome that Anika and Joya are able to join you. Enjoy the time with your family together!
Brian and Dianne

Brian Hildebrandt
3/18/2012 07:51:59

Hi Rod. Ok, so after I pressed the submit button I realized that it isn't March 25th yet so don't expect your girls to show up today! Take care and I hope you have a great week!!

Jeff and Ann-Marie
3/18/2012 08:08:02

Oh Man - tears of joy!!!! We remain ever hopeful and praying as always!

Judy and Mark Nord
3/18/2012 11:03:46

We continue to hold you up and are overcome with gratefulness and hope. Much love from across the pond....

Kim Thiessen
3/18/2012 19:57:08

Dear friends,

What a total thrill and joy it is to read your updates! Thank you for sharing your good, good news! As Joseph says, "God is good. All the time." Indeed!


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