Well, it's done... we are e-mailing and Facebooking this website link out to various groups of friends. It is tough to put our lives out in front of others in this way.....but we value the many ways you have already walked this journey with us.   If you were not on our contact list , our apologies!  We did not mean to leave you out...There are bound to be gaps in our e-mail list of friends.

Tracy Brown Ewert
2/5/2012 17:20:13

Thanks for all your transperency in sharing so personally what is going on in the life of your family. Your courage is admirable and your faith inspirational. We offer ourselves to do all that you've asked - meals, visits, ariport rides etc. And of course prayer! Love to you all~

Tobia Veith
2/6/2012 04:03:12

Rod, Susan, Anika and Joya, We continue to love you with our prayers and are deeply grateful for the caring community you have both near and far. Thanks for being willing to let us all share in your lives in such an open way. We love you! George,Tobia,Michael,Marika . . .

Anne Boehlig
2/7/2012 11:05:06

Henry & I are SO definitely on "your team"! We continue to be committed to pray every day for you, Rod, Susan, Anika & Joya. We are privileged to know you and choose to walk with you on this journey of difficult unknowns. You bless us, thank you so much. May God give you strength for each moment of every day.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Darlene
2/8/2012 10:44:23

Dear Rod, Susan, Anika and Joya...our precious "children". We are so grateful to God that all this is finally happening. We will continue to stand with you in prayer and anticipate celebrating when you return!! We love you all, Uncle Bob and Aunt Darlene


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