It has been a blessing for the two of us to have both time on our own and times of visiting with Tante Tobia and Alice. During Rod's extended period of illness, finding time and energy and ways to be together was often difficult.  For now, waiting each day to see how the newest program combination works coincides with the signs of spring that are emerging each day around our little cottage and in the woods.  At the same time, we take delight in the small but significant opportunities to re-experience life as a couple -- not defined by the boundaries of intractable pain.  Being outside together, hearing the incredible symphony of birds, observing the signs of new life, feeling the sun on our faces, commenting on the uniqueness of the homes in the village,...just being together in spaces beyond the bedroom and taking in life without the shackles of pain....It is good to be able to take this in slowly, to retreat to take a rest... and let the new reality slowly sink in.  Program 2 seems to be working well and Rod's pain levels continue to be low.  Tomorrow we hope to stretch the activity a bit to see how his body will respond. 
3/20/2012 05:55:51 am

Wow is that music to my ears, you guys have lived on dreams long enough its time for your dreams to become reality. God bless. Me

3/20/2012 11:26:39 am

It is such a privilege to be able to follow you step by step on your journey! Thanks for keeping your blog so current. So thankful the pain is diminishing and that you are able to enjoy some together :-) We continue to pray for you both.

Excited for your girls to be joining you soon!
Barry & Barb Roberts

Kim Bjornsson
3/20/2012 11:36:39 am

I have such a picture of the two of you being peaceful together! I am so pleased to hear of the positive changes so far, and I wish for continued improvement.

Anne Boehlig
3/20/2012 01:47:43 pm

It is difficult to read your entries through tears, you know! We praise God together with you as Rod's pain is diminishing and pray this trend will be lifelong. Love from the entire Boehlig family.

Debbie Dijker
3/22/2012 05:36:47 am

Continued prayers for you and Rod, Susan. It is so wonderful to read your blog and see how God is working in your lives. Know that we think of you often and I have printed off your blog for the volunteers here at the Calgary Thrift Shop so they can keep up to date on your progress. They all wish you well and we all will continue to keep your whole family in our prayers. :-)

Sara & David D.
3/23/2012 05:36:32 am

How exciting! we are so thrilled for all of you! may you continue to improve.....keep trusting, and we will keep lifting you up to our
Lord! We're happy for the girls to join you and hope everything will be GOOD!


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