OK...if the truth be told, Sunday was the day that I "paid" for an "eravagant" but wonderful day on Saturday.  So what was the price?   My pain levels rose from a level of about 2 to a 5  on Sunday and I felt extremely exhausted.  So I spent the whole day in bed.  Unfortunately this resulted in my having to forego a dinner invitation from Tante Tobia and one of her good friends.  Lucky for Susan, however, that she was able to participate.  In attempting to understand my exhaustion and lack of reserves, I think it is most likely a combination of factors including the struggle of the months and years leading up to this point,  finding my boundaries after the implantation and the ongoing need to decrease in pain medication.  With my pain primarily being covered by the new system, my medication levels need to drop as the side effects are more pronounced,

On Monday I said goodbye to Susan at  8;00 am as she headed off with Tante Tobia to Amsterdam to meet Anika and Joya at the Airport.  It was wonderful to see both of them upon their arrival in Hoog Soeren.  After a time of catching up, we headed to Tante Tobia'a.  We had a wonderful time on the patio enjoying yet another beautiful day and the best of dutch tarts with a hot cup of tea.   The girls kept themselves awake so that we could enjoy a family dinner around the table....and then they quickly signed off and headed up to the attic to sleep.

Thank you to all those who helped the girls tie things off and "get off the ground" in Canada -- Grandma, Tracy & Jon and Zander, Pim and MaryAnne, Jayna, Jim,  Coreen, Mike and Cheryl, Areni, Cam and Gaylene, and others that we are sure web have missed...  

Glad to hear that the girls made it and you all had a wonderful tea party at Tante Tobia's and could make good on "family dinner around the table"! I'm sure you will find your equilibrium! Being so far away, I am also grateful to God for the community gathered around you and the girls in Canada and also there in the Netherlands.


I've been waiting for a post to say that the girls had arrived! I felt some anxiety as I watched them go through security (they didn't know that I was watching from behind a counter :)), knowing that they had to make the connection in Minneapolis yet. My preference wat that the had a direct flight! Anyways, glad you're together again!


Your adventures make me tired just thinking of doing so much, after so much time in bead, I am sure could be part of it. Glad the kids made the trip well.May your days together be a fun time for all.Jim

Anne Boehlig

So glad the girls got there ok and you had a sit down dinner together! We have a lovely "picture" of that dinner table! Take it easy, Rod, and enjoy each day; we believe you'll have many, many days to make up for lost time.

Ritchie Family

Dear Susan, Rod and Girls,

I only now was able to see your blog entries since your entry immediately after the surgery, Susan. I had been hitting refresh on the page and kept getting only the same post (from March 16th). Tonight I thought (don't know why I didn't earlier!) to click on the blog link, and lo and behold, countless updates! I have printed them off for Areni to read, too...we rejoice with you, and we are so glad that the girls arrived safely! Love and Prayers from all of us...PAWCR

Sara and David D.

Good to know your all together now, just enjoy each day as it comes to you. Neat to see all the e-mails from diff. people. How nice to see the Ritchie family on your e-mails, I know them from the bookstore, I'm sure they are good support and lovely friends, I know!


In todays news reporting clever journalists work their very own slant into a story. Bloggers use it promote their works and many just use it for fun or to stay in touch with friends far away.


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