Saturday was a meant for making memories.  After a wonderful breakfast, I climbed back into bed and read --- until 3 pm when we took a leisurely  walk/scooter ride to Tante Tobia's and had a wonderful time of laughter and story telling on the patio -- blessed by the warm spring sun and the sounds of the birds and frogs.  The perfect ending to the day was a date (we have forgotten what that was) with Susan at The Jachthuis Restaurant in Hoog Soeren.  It was a 4.5 hour French cuisine dinner that was well worth the price.  The day before we had stopped in to make a reservation and in the meantime they had translated the menu into English for us.  One of the unique features of the dinner is that the Maitre d' shared his knowledge with a unique flare and sense of pride in the dishes the chef had created. What we both couldn't believe is that i basically sat up from 3 pm to 11:30 pm and was fully part of the conversations.  A slowly luxurious day, but I was very tired at the end.

By the way, in honour of the analogy made in the quote to the right, I am re-reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and find that the analogy rings true both for me personally and us as a couple.

3/24/2012 09:56:57 pm

This brings so much joy to my heart!
When I showed Zander the picture of you (Rod) walking, Zander could hardly contain his excitement! He jumped up & down and said, "I give Rod a big hug! Maybe Rod come to MY house!" Expect an invitation shortly after you arrive home!

3/24/2012 11:01:55 pm

Can you see our big smiles! What a special time with a warm glow!

Barb Roberts
3/24/2012 11:35:13 pm

What joy!! And today your girls arrive to share that joy with you! Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving to our Great God for what He has done and is doing! We long/pray for the continued return of your strength....and that day when your lives/family can return to "normalcy" once again! Susan.....what a beautiful lady you are ~ so nice to see you in these pictures :-)

Sara and David D
3/25/2012 12:32:20 am

Wow! Rod and Susan, to see you @ a restaurant, eating out! We are so happy to see you doing so well. Rod, don't over do it, you are still recovering. Anyhow your girls are in our thoughts today, and hope all goes well for them! thinking of you and praying for strength and energy!

Don & Leizl
3/25/2012 01:11:42 am

Hi Rod & Susan! It was such a joy knowing that Rod is doing extremely well. We're very happy for both of you, a lovely dinner is a great way indeed to end and cherish a memorable Saturday. Truly, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. You always have our love & support, God bless!

Warren C
3/25/2012 01:26:07 am

Rod, you look fit to burst, and rightly so, given your hot date sitting across the table (or should I say, given that you are actually sitting across the table from her)! I really can't believe my eyes, seeing the two of you out for a slow, relaxed, fine French dinner!! Love it! Have a great time with your girls...these are truly moments to cherish - glad you have this blog to document it so well!

Eric Nord
3/25/2012 03:20:01 am

I'm so delighted for you to see how well things have progressed - thanks for sharing the journey with the rest of us. May your days ahead be filled with more joy and contentment.

3/25/2012 07:22:16 am

3/25/2012 07:25:12 am


3/25/2012 10:05:03 am

What joy it brings to my heart to see you two smiling, not grimacing. The love you have for each-other is shining through to all of us. 4 1/2 hrs for dinner is a real DATE I would say. D and I were at Stage West for brunch today for close to 3 1/2 hrs and we had to share a table, now I am jealous. Play was an old 1936 Hitchcock movie, "39 Steps" made into a comedy so we did get in a lot of laughs, was a grate Day. Yesterday had BD party for Ruby's 90th, great fun as well, D was up.

3/25/2012 10:07:15 am

That Susan sure does look good all dolled up. And Rod you are a vertical work in progress.

3/25/2012 12:14:22 pm

Susan... I am so very pleased to hear and see that things are going VERY well! What a joy to see such intense recovery after such a long time. A new life is dawning....

Anne Boehlig
3/25/2012 01:34:26 pm

Beautiful! Beautiful! Both of you! We can't help but get emotional seeing these pics and reading your oh so welcome blog entries! Hey, maybe we will go on a double date sometime soon!?! Henry & Anne

Linda Ng (Tobia's friend in Macau)
3/25/2012 08:26:25 pm

So excited for you both. It's been great to read your blog and see the miracles our wonderful Heavenly Father is working for you over there in Holland. Real dating again! Have a great family time with the girls now.

Debbie Dijker
3/26/2012 12:07:52 am

What wonderful, wonderful news. My prayers are with you always and am so glad that the girls will be there to spend this next little while with you both. It is so wonderful that you will have this time together alone with them to celebrate before you come home. Continued prayers and blessings for your whole family. It is so awesome when God answers prayers the way he has answer these and we can see the miracles happen.


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