A great team of people - Pain Relief for Rod
The transformation of Rod's pain over the last week would never have been possible without the unique contribution made by each of the people in this picture.  Repeatedly we think of how lucky we were to be matched with such an incredible, dedicated group of professionals.  When we returned to the hospital, it was obvious that the anticipation of our meeting was mutual.  The medical professionals (Dr. van Praagh, Misha (Nevro Technician), and Lydia (Nurse practioner) --pictured here with Rod----were very eager to hear what Rod's experience following the implant had been.  We were keen to know how my experience matched with their expectations.  Without a doubt, the sense of excitement regarding the success of the implant was held by everyone in the room.  The excitement was tempered by a series of cautions necessary for  ensuring that the maximum benefit of the implant is realized. They encouraged caution in relation to the appropriate range of motion and activity level over the next 4 months.  They provided a schedule to decrease medications that were no longer needed to cover pain. They highlighted the challenges that will inevitably emerge as I no longer have pain as a constant companion and begin to rediscover the characteristics of life without the intense pain.  Without a doubt the next weeks and months will be a exciting but challenging time.  We will check in with this amazing medical team on March 30th. Until then I will try program 3 and based on the performance, make a selection of a primary program to move forward with.

Below is a picture of Lydia, Anneke and Misha looking at the Nevro programming on Misha's computer.
3/22/2012 06:26:35

This is a group of professionals that God has blessed with great expertise. Thank you team for sharing your gifts with Rod, Susan, Anika and Joya.

3/22/2012 07:18:53

I am just rejoicing quietly here in Kansas with you, but what I really want to do is shout! Will continue to lift you up over the next few hours, days, and weeks as you progress!

3/22/2012 08:32:45

To think of pain as a constant "companion" of yours is a new thought for me. And then to think of adjusting to life without that campanion.......it just puts my mind in a whole new space re. some of what you'll be working through in the next number of months.

3/22/2012 09:13:55

yes, my thoughts too . . . we continue to offer prayers of thanksgiving and blessing for the challenges and joys ahead.

3/22/2012 12:05:17

Hey, this is absolutely amazing to see you standing, walking with a huge grin on your face. Mom and I are playing scrabble out at the farm, in the midst of a March snowstorm. Sharing updates with the folks as you send them out. Our thoughts, prayers and thankfulness are with you.

Jeff Scott
3/23/2012 01:50:59

Don't even think about "urban mushing"....


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